Freshness guaranteed

Summertime in New England, nothing quite like it. From Memorial Day weekend just past Labor Day, the liveliness of the north east in unrivaled. Road trips, beaches, boats, beers, barbecues (or more like grilling by southern definition), and fresh vegetables from my pop’s garden. My oldest sister had just graduated from the University of Hartford with a business degree but pursuing a culinary education at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in New York was a no brainer to her. In her time at CIA she landed an externship and eventually a full time job at Alice Water’s Berkeley mecca, Chez Panisse. It was here where the farm-to-table movement really kicked off, and that ideology rubbed off on me. To this day Chez Panisse has provided me with a culinary experience like no other (Austin has some close seconds). Upon moving to Austin, that whole concept stuck with me and I still try to buy as much locally sourced ingredients as possible, I even started my own garden. I seem to have gotten a little bit off topic, but the point I wanted to share is, many people do not know the origin of there food. Also, many people do not understand the chemicals or modifications that are made to they food they buy and consume or the effects this food has on the environment and the human body.


One thought on “Freshness guaranteed

  1. You are absolutely correct and there is so much processed food today there is little focus on freshness or the origin of the food. I’m definitely guilty of it, but have come to a place where I’m interested to learn more and pay more attention to it.

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